Product Review: Meridian Peanut Butter

First of what will be (hopefully) a series of product reviews and recipes from members of SBFC. If you’d like to add a review/recipe email us and we’ll put it up.

Product: Meridian Peanut Butter – £3.75 for 1kg.

Just like it says on my 1kg tub, this peanut butter definately tastes ‘natural’ – ingrediants after all are just 99% peanuts, 1% sea salt. This is my first experience of ‘proper’ peanut butter, I usually buy the shiny jars from the supermarket (not any more, thank you SBFC), and I was slightly suprised when I opened it as it did look a bit dodgy. The oil had separated and left a thick brown suspicious looking sludge at the bottom of the tub.
A quick stir round with a spoon sorted this out and this is when I realised ‘Wow this peanut butter is thick’. And it is very thick and gloopy but also delicious in the way it sticks your mouth together glue….mmmm….
I have tried it in a peanut butter and banana sandwich and I’ve added it to a stir fry with soy sauce and I’ve also eaten it from the tub with a spoon: I can confirm that this is definately a top notch peanut butter (If you like your PB to actually taste of peanuts)
I’ve heard that the no added salt one is EVEN BETTER so will get that next and report back.

Final score: 9/10

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